How it works?

  • Well, you will get one or 2 texts every week (normally on Wednesdays). You are asked to study that. You can place those documents in a special file, as in the future you most probably will be willing to check them again.

  • You commit yourself to walk with me through all of these 24 lectures for appr. 4 months.

  • In a few cases I refer to a book or a film, it is worth reading such a book or watching that film. You get the books for free as E-readers. If you wish to have printed books, you can order them via www.continentalwebshop.EU

  • After this masterclass I ask you to write a short thesis. The subject will follow after the last lecture. That thesis will be reviewed and you will receive a certificate for following this masterclass.

  • It all goes by ‘distant learning’, that means you will get everything via e-mail. And you can ask questions by e-mail, you will receive my personal answers. If needed, we can Skype

  • And you have permission to use all of what your learnt, in your activities, projects, events, lectures/articles (as long as you quote the source).

  • WHEN does a course start? Beginning of January each year or beginning of September each year.

The content

Lecture 1: God loves art
Lecture 2: Jesus as an artist
Lecture 3: The unique communication of the arts
Lecture 4: Praise and worshippers
Lecture 5: Music as ministry
Lecture 6: God gives gifts to develop
Lecture 7: The battle between biorythm and performance
Lecture 8: The pyramid of power: Europe, target for change
Lecture 9: How to impact the pilars of culture
Lecture 10: The values of the elite
Lecture 11: Project leadership – practical
Lecture 12: The life span of leadership and organizations: crisis or challenge
Lecture 13: The motivation cycle
Lecture 14: Planning your personal future
Lecture 15: Mark your blessings: important for past, present and future
Lecture 16:  Creative communication
Lecture 17: The art of communication
Lecture 18: The art of blessing
Lecture 19: Why unite and work together
Lecture 20: How to stage an event – the energy lines
Lecture 21: How to organize events, a management tool
Lecture 22: How to improve your activities
Lecture 23: Your personal challenge
Lecture 24: Answering questions and set up for a thesis


You will understand that a masterclass costs money and has expenses.

An equivalent of such Masterclass would normally cost over 1 000 Euros. We are happy to announce that a Foundation to develop Christian leadership will cover these costs, depending on your motivation you have to write down in the Registration Form.

After sending your registration form, you get an invoice for 50 Euros. Once you have paid that, your registration is completed and the course starts on January or September, on the 1st Wednesday.

Once you have sent your thesis, and all is approved, you get your 50 Euros back.


  • Creative and Christian, biblical foundations for the arts and creativity 

  • Music in Ministry 

  • Praise and Worshippers 

  • The Message 

  • Prayers 

  • The Way- discipleship studies 

  • Lessons, Leaders and Life

  • Behind the scenes